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Product Code: N-28506
Price: £622.52 Inc VAT
RRP: £655.30
You Save: £32.78 - 5%
Minimum Delivery Price: 7.99
Product Specification:
A (mm) 400
B (mm) 258
C (mm) 670
D (mm) 458
E (mm) 358


These models have a fixed toilet bowl and can be installed using either left or right models. The waste holding tank has wheels and a retractable handle to allow ease of handling. In addition, the working mechanism in the waste holding tank is removable, making the inside of the tank easy to clean and maintain, while an advanced level indicator display shows the levels in the waste holding tank and/or flush-water tank.

C-402C models that have their own flush-water tank.

C-403L models that are connected to the boat's water tank.

- Optimal use of space & lightweight
- Level indicator: time to empty the waste holding tank
- Waste tank with wheels
- Removable mechanism
- Vent plunger for emptying without splashing
- High-quality plastic for a durable, user-friendly and maintenance-friendly toilet
- Automatic pressure release vent prevents build-up of gases in the waste holding tank
- In-built emptying spout: no fiddling about with loose parts
- Powerful flushing system


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