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Product Code: 6-09166
Price: £227.57 Inc VAT
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Shakespeare AnyWhere HDTV antennas have been designed to the highest specification to bring the best possible signal to your TV, either on board, in a caravan or at home.

- Receives digital and terrestrial TV signals (DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMBT/ H, ATSC) and DAB/FM radio
- Waterproof and weatherproof housing - made of UV resistant, injection moulded ASA material for long term durability
- Omnidirectional reception - receives VHF, UHF, and FM signals through 360
- Built in high gain and low noise amplifier, shielded for minimum interference
- The use of SMD technology and micro electronics in the amplifier ensures outstanding performance
- LTE filter is incorporated to eliminate interference from 4G mobile communications

- 380mm (14") Omni Directional HDTV antenna (with built-in LTE filter)
- Newly designed using the latest TV technologies
- Compact, white ASA, weatherproof HDTV antenna. Comes with built in high gain, low noise amplifier and LTE filter. Ideal for power boats and work boats
- Includes amplifier gain control unit
- 25m 75 Ohm RG59 cable with 2 x F connectors + IEC to F connector
- 1.5m adapt cable fitted with F plug to IEC
- Power 12/24V DC - AC/DC power adaptor (UK/EURO) included
- Receiving range FM/VHF/UHF (VHF:47-230MHz UHF: 470-862)
- Gain: 30dB / Noise figure: 3dB
- Max. output level: 110 dBV / Impedance: 75
- Outputs: x 2 TV's


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