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Product Code: 3-80126
Price: £157.22 Inc VAT
RRP: £165.50
You Save: £8.28 - 5%
Minimum Delivery Price: 7.99
Product Specification:
approvals ABYC, UL
material Marelon


Forespar's, Marelon, Integrated Plumbing System. Non Corrosive: Long term reliability. Compact ease of installation, servicable: even afloat, easy to operate: positive action, high impact strength, non conductive, fire resistant: test details available, UV Resistant: temp range - 120C to +80C, Not afftected by bilge cleaners, gas, diesel or oils.

Exceeding ABYC recommendations and meeting all UL standards; its unique design provides easy installation in a wide variety of valve configurations.

All Marelon integrated valves are sold as a complete system.  The assembly consists of thru-hull, valve body and tailpipe barb or female pipe thread end.  The thru-hulls use a Buttress style thread for exceptional strength and are not compatible with any other valves.  Thru-hulls cannot be sold or used separately.  All valves have one part number for the complete assembly.  Each valve is factory assembled and pressure tested.  Forespar cannot be held responsble for valves disassembled and modified or reassembled improperly.

In case of an emergency; all non-screened thru-hull style valves are supplied with a handle cap/bung that is designed to plug the thru-hull from the outside.  This plug can be put in place while the vessel is in water.  The valve can then be removed from the king-nut and any blockage cleared.  Warning..... Never leave a boat unattended while bung is in place and valve disassembled.  This bung plug is for temporary use only.  The bung can also be used during Winter storage to keep debris from collecting inside thru hull.

Per ABYC/UL requirements, a flat surface approximately the same diameter as the king-nut is needed inside the hull for proper installation.  All valves are full port.  The I.D of the hose barb is carried thru the ball so there is no restriction of flow.


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