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Wade fittings have been manufactured and distributed for 50 years.  So successful has the product been, that Wade Brass has become the generic term for Brass Compression Fittings for engineering purposes.  WADE Brass, which is synonymous with durability and reliability, provides a comprehensive range of fittings for both imperial and metric OD tube sizes.  These are available in a full range of connecting threads.  Through the adoption of a standard body, a variety of tubes of similar and dissimilar material can be connected.


WADE Fittings can be found in general use throughout the following industries: hydraulic, pneumatic, automotive, locomotive, LPG, oil and gas, power generation, air conditioning, heating and ventilation.


All our compression fittings are manufactured to BS 2051 Part 2 and from material to all of the following standards:


Bar Parts:         BS EN 12164, CW609N

Stampings:        BS EN 12164, CW617N

Castings:           BS EN 1982, CC491K

Copper Rings:  BS EN 12449, CW024A


All compression fittings are complete with nuts and annealed copper rings as standard, for use with copper tube.





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