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WaterNav is Europe's first satellite navigation solution for inland waterways providing up-to-date waterways, navigation and tourist information - an essential cruising guide showing both waterways facilities and nearby tourist attractions.

WaterNav runs on a desktop PC/laptop (running Windows Xp/Vista/7/8/10).

When connected to a GPS receiver, (upgrade required) the digital map is constantly updated with the users' current position - travelling along the waterway, the map constantly updates the screen with a wealth of useful information in the user's vicinity, such as boating facilities, nearby pubs/bars and restaurants, places to visit and fun events for the children.

The information includes places of interest primarily within a 3 mile/5km corridor along the waterways but also beyond.

WaterNav allows you to:
. Easily find out where you are and what is available to you in you area
. Get detailed POI data - Quickly view basic information on each POI and then double-click to get more details
. Move round the map - Zoom in and out, pan round the map to see as much or as little information as you choose
. Track your route - as well as showing your actual position, the GPS function allows you to track and record your journey.
. Plan your journey - (PC Version only) our simple to use, interactive route planning tool allows you simply to click on the map to select your start and finish points and any intermediate stopovers.
. Calculate distances - use the distance tool to quickly calculate how far it is from where you are or want to moor to the nearest POI (such as the pub!)
. Quick searches - use the quick search tool to find individual POIs, bridges or locks, towns, waterways or boat services and closures in your area.


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