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ADVERC Mk.IVa Std. Kit 24v Negative - Twin Alterna

Product Code: 2AA03KM
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Our 24v Negative Twin ADVERC Battery Management Unit. Comes complete with harness and now with 5 years warranty.

What does the ADVERC do.
The ADVERC BM system is a controller. There is no forced feeding of the batteries. ADVERC simply creates the correct voltage climate at the batteries which then takes what they need in terms of charging current. While normal charging allows for only 60-70% state of charge the ADVERC controller increases the state of charge to 95+% by using a cycle program and compensating for losses in the system.

The ADVERC system increases battery and alternator life considerably but the main benefits come from having more available battery capacity at ones disposal without having to install extra batteries and bigger alternators.

Please state wether on your order wether you require positive or negative systems

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ADVERC Mk.IVa Std. Kit 24v Negative - Twin Alterna