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Product Code: M77712200
Price: £3,906.59 Inc VAT
RRP: £4,112.21
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Knowing that trawling through catalogues collecting part numbers for various components and designing a system can be time consuming, Mastervolt has created the ultimate kit. Normally, the 7 components needed would all require their own product code, however, now just one product code - and one box - covers them all.

The Comfort System consists of a charger/inverter combination, shore connection, battery monitoring, monitored main fuses and one touch screen panel.

Complete overview of the Comfort System

- M36012200      Mass Combi 12/2200
- M77020100      MasterShunt 500
- M77020200      DC Distribution 500
- M77049250      ANL fuse 250 A
- M77010305      MasterView Easy
- M121160250    Shore power cable
- M121160000    Shore power inlet
- M6708409077  Manual

For yet more convenience, the individual instruction manuals have been condensed into just one, easily understood reference guide, sub-divided into an installation sheet and an user's sheet.

To simplify matters even further a configuration file is available. After uploading, the system will include a handy favourite page, product names and configuration.

The system approach of the Comfort System also means that customers can upgrade and expand this straightforward installation with further plug & play Mastervolt components in the future.

The Comfort System is particularly suitable for 30-50 ft yachts and luxury mobile homes, with sufficient power for onboard electric consumers like a coffee maker and microwave


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