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Product Code: M81300400
Price: £445.69 Inc VAT
RRP: £469.15
You Save: £23.46 - 5%
Minimum Delivery Price: 7.99
Product Specification:
Nominal input voltage 12V
Input range (full output specs) 11-16V DC
Input range (3-stage charge mode) 12-16V DC
Input range (no defects) 0-17.5V DC
Lower input (set point) 10V DC (adjustable with MasterAdjust software)
Delay lower input set point 30 sec. (adjustable with MasterAdjust software)
Nominal voltage 13.6V DC (adjustable with MasterAdjust software)
Voltage adjustable 12-15V DC (adjustable with MasterAdjust software)
Output voltage dimmer 4-13V DC (adjustable with MasterAdjust software)
Stabilised 2% at extremes of temperatures, load and input
Ripple max. 1% peak peak
Maximum power 300W
Nominal power 270W
Current max. (derating >40C, 5%/C) 20A
Charge current - 3-step mode 16A
Ambient operating temperature 0C to 60C (derating above 40C, 5% per C); in practice: 20C to 60C
Storage temperature -25C to 85C
Operating humidity 95% max. (non condensing)
Galvanic isolation yes
Voltage limited yes
3-step battery charge option yes (DIP switch setting)
Efficiency 90% (at nom. input voltage, full load); 92% peak
No load consumption Less Than 115mA
IP-rating IP21
Over current yes
Over heat yes
Dimmer function yes (by external momentary switch via push on connection, to be activated by DIP switch setting)
Alarm contact yes (push on connector)
Communication quasi RS232, modular RJ12 connector to alter setpoints and to change characteristics (optional interface required)
Connections input/output screw terminals (max. wire size 16 mm2/AWG5)
Dimensions (H x W x D) 227 x 154 x 81 mm
Weight 1.8 kg
Cabinet anodised aluminium (Strapton ABS blend)


  • Conversion to the right voltage
  • Stabilisation of the voltage
  • Longer life span of halogen lights
  • Battery charger function
  • Dimmer function for atmospheric lighting
  • Galvanic isolation of the input and output
  • Completely interference-proof
  • Programmable via a desktop or laptop PC
  • Efficient cooling (microprocessor controlled fan)

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