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Product Code: 6-30476
Price: £38.03 Inc VAT
RRP: £40.03
You Save: £2.00 - 5%
Minimum Delivery Price: 7.99
Product Specification:
Colour of Smoke Dense Orange
Duration of burn time 3 minutes min
Ignition Pull-wire igniter 2 second safety delay
Temperature Operating Range -1C to 30C (30.2F to 86F)
Temperature Storage Range -30C to 75C (-22F to 167F)
Weight 370g
Net Explosive Content 200g
Dimensions (LxD) 100mm x 84mm


Compact, flat-top day-time orange smoke
distress signal providing effective position
marking or indication of wind direction during
rescue operations.

- Can be used for indication of wind direction during a rescue
- Safe to use on petrol or oil covered water
- Designed for stowage in liferaft

Application: For use in daytime distress signal
situations and to mark the position during a rescue operation. Conforming to
SOLAS 74/88 as amended. Two signals are required carriage in SOLAS
liferafts and lifeboats. Two are supplied in RORC and Offshore leisure kits.

Due to currant regulations, Flares are always shipped separately from other items on the same order.
Flare orders below 250 GBP will be charged at 16 GBP, flare orders over 250 GBP (on flares alone) will be shipped free by
carrier. We can not guarantee next day delivery on these products.


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